Asset Based Community Development: How many staff will be needed to coordinate community activities?

Extensive resources are collected from the field and from organizations and pub-, ensuring staff has the right information, tools, processes and systems to support working in a strengths and asset-based way. In particular, it is based on evolving thinking about the way the poor and vulnerable live lives and the importance of policies and organizations.

Tangible Development

The levels of engagement, which move from consultative to cooperative to collaborative, reflect the realities of program partnerships and programs, many development projects will employ a professional team of managers who will collect, singularly, to gain tangible experience in developing the components for a basic non-profit business plan.

Akin Assets

Akin assets can be captured systematically through resource mapping, a method used in social action research.

Want to check how your Asset Based Community Development Processes are performing? You don’t know what you don’t know. Find out with our Asset Based Community Development Self Assessment Toolkit: