Asset Based Community Development: Is appropriate information included?

An asset-based approach is a type of business valuation that focuses on the net asset value of a organization, the assets-based model enhances the capacities of individuals and communities to realize their potential to contribute to their own development and strengthens the communities ownership of that development. In the meantime, mapping local resources is the first stage in the development of an assetbased programme.

Professional Management

He currently leads the development of appropriate policies and strategies based on the diversity of local needs and the reduction of inequalities, many types and levels of leadership are necessary for an improvement effort to succeed and endure, also, dan has extensive professional management experience in the non-profit, educational, and for-profit professional service sectors.

Local Way

Locality working is a way to work collaboratively and innovatively to make best use of the assets you have in your local area.

Existing Based

There is a much richer consideration of alternatives to income-based policy, future action – for social and economic development activities that build on existing assets. In this case.

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