Asset Based Community Development: What additional voices are needed to ensure success?

Your asset-based approach utilizes local leaders and builds upon existing resources in communities to implement longterm sustainable change, you should allow mapping of relationships with other organizations for funding, referrals, access to resources, joint service planning, or collaborative projects with contributed staff. As well as, many development projects will employ a professional team of managers who will collect.

Various Assets

Ensuring staff has the right information, tools, processes and systems to support working in a strengths and asset-based way, by the same token, asset-based approaches take on the general aim to identify and mobilize assets that can be used together and in various combinations.

Engaged Asset

Ensure your services are promoted through a variety of communications, marketing and media sources and platforms, in asset-based approaches, even more than in other work, evaluation needs to be ongoing, consequently, frequent communication, especially about outcomes, can also keep stakeholders engaged.

Inbound Software

Strong research and writing skills, advanced knowledge of social media, and ability to work with inbound marketing software and databases.

Want to check how your Asset Based Community Development Processes are performing? You don’t know what you don’t know. Find out with our Asset Based Community Development Self Assessment Toolkit: