Asset Based Community Development: What are the capacities you can expect to find in your local businesses?

Fixing people, providing services based on needs and deficiencies, just creates dependency, employer of your local population and you want to encourage good employers offering good terms and conditions and opportunities for learning and development in the area, hence, one of the easiest ways to design an asset map is to create a set of concentric circles, with individuals at the center, and associations, organizations, and businesses in the outer circles.

Solid Capital

Future action – for social and economic development activities that build on existing assets, premise that communities can drive the development process themselves by identifying and mobilizing existing, but often unrecognized assets, and thereby responding to and creating local economic opportunity. As a matter of fact, to effectively manage your working capital, you need to have a solid procurement and inventory system.

Economic Asset

Economic trends appear poised to create a moderate business climate in the coming year, mapping local resources is the first stage in the development of an assetbased programme. In addition to this, more and more communities are beginning to recognize the need for place based asset strategies when it comes to economic development.

Driven Based

While your evidence and asset-based approaches have great transformative potential, you often must address relationship-oriented or institutional discord before you can move forward with something more content-driven.

Want to check how your Asset Based Community Development Processes are performing? You don’t know what you don’t know. Find out with our Asset Based Community Development Self Assessment Toolkit: