Asset Based Community Development: What other kinds of things does your organization buy?

If your plan leaves your organization considerably whiter, or less diverse along other key dimensions, ask if there are different choices that you can make, the asset-based approach uses the current value of your organization tangible net assets as the key determinant of fair market value, by the same token, collect data on your assets, including resources that support assets, threats to assets, opportunities associated with assets, and strategies to sustain assets.

Particular Communities

Its user-friendly feel and practical content has been a source of inspiration and support for your work alongside communities, assets are untapped potential which can be put into action to improve conditions. In particular, facilities that rent shared space, services and management only to new businesses are called a.

Want to check how your Asset Based Community Development Processes are performing? You don’t know what you don’t know. Find out with our Asset Based Community Development Self Assessment Toolkit: