Asset Based Community Development: What types of strategies do you focus on in your work?

Asset based community development builds from what communities can already do to create community controlled institutions that address a wide variety of concerns.


Asset-based community development is a strategy that identifies and builds upon a communitys existing assets that can be leveraged to prosper the community. Identified assets of an individual are matched with people or groups that have an interest or need in that asset. Asset-based community development follows the model that a community can be best helped by identifying the challenges and problems within their community and looking within that community for assets and resources to best solve the problem.


The program facilitators maintain participatory philosophies and support equal levels of community involvement. Mobilizing assets for collective action requires organizing and harnessing the relationships that exist within the community. Asset mapping is a model of community development where a group goes into a community or organization and takes inventory of what strengths and resources it has.


A positive, asset-based approach is well-received with groups because it looks at the group or communitys assets and strengths and builds the plan from there. A defined selection process is the most critical of all concepts in asset management. Historic evidence indicates that significant community development takes places only when local community people are committed to investing in themselves and their resources.


In response to these excessively shortage based methodologies came an alternative capacity focused practice called asset based community development approach. An asset-based approach would focus on finding and utilizing assets in the community rather than the communitys needs or limitations. The alternative path to community development focuses on a communitys assets, capacities and abilities.


Assets should be selected based upon their criticality and their defined risk to the value stream. Asset-based community development focuses on developing a sustainable community based on its members strengths and potentials. Asset-based community development is an approach to community development which advocates the use of skills and strengths that are already present within the community, rather than obtaining help from outside institutions.


However, community asset mobilization had negative effects on economic performance.


A community development framework, may include a range of methods designed to strengthen and develop communities by enhancing individual and group capacity to confidently engage with community structures and to address problems and issues. Locally controlled economic development models and tools are increasingly important as the failures of externally. Professionals with the basics of community development finance and core principles that are essential to getting projects off the ground.

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